Conference Venue

The 7th International Project and Construction Management Conference (IPCMC 2022) will be held in Otağ-ı Hümayun in YTÜ Davutpaşa Campus, Istanbul.

Otağ-ı Hümayun means Sultan's tent. According to the Ottoman expedition traditions, the Sultan's tent was established in a safe area in front of the expeditionary forces that the Sultan also would participate in as a commander. For the expeditions in the western direction, the Davutpaşa field was selected as an ideal location for the Sultan’s tent. The army had various rituals that were performed before the campaign such as eating together with the leaders of the janissary and cavalryman corps, and worshipping. These meetings were also repeated upon the return of the army.

The Otağ-ı Hümayun structure, which is located in the Davutpaşa Campus today, was built by Davut Paşa in 1483. For this reason, the building - which served as the Sultan's tent - was called "Stone Tent" in the first years. But then, it was also named “Sultan’s Pavilion”, “Davutpaşa Pavilion”, “Davutpaşa Palace”, “Stone Mansion” or “Stone Pavilion”. Finally, after the restoration works were completed in 2011, the building was renamed Otağ-ı Hümayun (Sultan’s Tent). The building is a typical example of early and classical period Ottoman architecture. Accordingly, the building - which is categorised as the T-plan structure – has two floors including two rooms that are located on the left wing of the entrance on both floors. The lower floor was covered with a vault while the second floor was covered with a dome.

Otağ-ı Hümayun

YTÜ Davutpaşa Campus, Esenler, Istanbul



20-22 October 2022

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